List of Free Email Providers and Free E-mail Software
Get free email for your home or the office.
Free e-mail for travel - International providers too!

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  • Cheap Business Email Project a professional image with our reliable email services. Now with increased storage, all packages include a domain name and one or more custom email addresses.

  • - Free email with so much more! 60 MB of storage space, folders, address book and
  • Signup for a FREE Internet Answering Machine
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  • Runbox Mail Manager Ad-free email accounts with 1 GB of storage space. You can also access your email with a POP3 account from your desktop with Outlook, Netscape or Eudora.
  • Free Faxes & Voicemails via Email Within minutes of signing up for your new number, you can start receiving faxes and voicemails which are conveniently delivered to your email account. View your faxes and listen to voicemail from your jConnect inbox. Sign up for free today!
  • Block 100% of Automated Spam Messages Eliminate spam with the Challenge/Response method and protect up to 5 of your existing email accounts (including Hotmail and AOL).
Free email tools and services
  • Funny Jokes and Free Stuff in your eMail Signup up for the joke of the day newsletter and enter the $100,000 Sweepstakes.
  • Free Small Business Newsletter for Entrepreneurs Featuring marketing tips, how-to articles, latest news on the home business front, exclusive interviews, insider strategies and much more!
Free email tools for webmasters
Free email software and utilities
  • Eudora Light - Our favorite free E-mail program.
  • Outlook Messenger Express - If you're using Microsoft Outlook 97or 98, then you'll find this freeware utility very helpful.
  • Listserv Lite - We've had a number of visitors ask if there are any free mailing list programs available on the Net. Here's one from the makers of the well-known industrial-strength creators of Listserv.
  • Pegasus Mail - One of the Net's all-time classic freeware products, Pegasus has a very strong following, and with good reason.
  • WorldFlash News Ticker - This useful free program delivers lots of information to your desktop, including news headlines, stock quotes, and weather data.


US Free Email Providers Foreign Free Email
  1. Free Web-based email
  2. Hotmail The most popular free web-based e-mail provider in the world!
  3. Yahoo-Mail A new free e-mail provider.
  4. MailExcite
  5. Gmail
  6. AOL AIM Mail
  7. Fast Mail
  8. Blue Bottle Mail
  9. Big String
  10. Hot Pop Mail
  11. HushMail
  12. Lycos Mail
  13. Doghouse Mail
  14. Prontomail
  1. GMX-Germany
  2. France-Mail
  3. Codec-Romania
  4. 163 net[Chinese]
  5. Webmail[Chinese]
  6. Jmail [Japanese]
  7. Mixmail[Spanish]
  8. Postmaster-Europe
  9. Post.CZ-Czech Republic
  10. Hanmail[Korea]
  11. Kebi-Korea
  12. Webmail[South Africa]
  13. Latin-mail[Mexico]
  14. Spray Mail [Sweden]
  15. Starmedia [Spanish]
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